Founded in 1984, the Société Nouvelle des Couleurs Zinciques – SNCZ is a leader in the development, sales and manufacture of anti corrosive pigments for the protection of metals.

SNCZ is a reference in the world of anticorrosive pigments. Our product range is among the most extensive on the market, tailored to fulfill the most demanding needs.

With our pigments, our customers have the opportunity to formulate the ultimate in anticorrosive coatings for markets as diverse as construction, automotive, industrial infrastructures, marine, aerospace and domestic appliances. We extend the life span of durable metallic goods, thus contributing to restrain the exploitation of non renewable natural resources.

Our plant is located in Bouchain (France), close to the largest Northern European seaports. Our products are available worldwide through a network of agents and distributors: we cover over 70 countries. This extended network allows SNCZ to add a local service to a global network.